IELTS Writing Task2 6.5 샘플 답안1__쉴드아이엘츠_최경훈 선생님


Some people think that young people should be ambitious. Others believe that it is fine if young people do not have big aims in life.

Discuss both these vies and give your opinion.


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Being ambitious seems impossible to be blamed, but recently there has been concerns about how stressful it can be especially for the younger generation. So it makes sense that more and more young people lose their intention to be hugely successful in the future. On this issue, there are two divergent perspectives: It is fine or not. This essay will discuss both and explain why I agree with the latter.


Firstly, a few feel that it is normal for the young to decide not to have a big goal. This is because it is simply their decision based on the their freewill. No one has any rights to force them to be successful. It is their life, and they are the only driver in their life. If a student feels extremely stressful on their career building, the true role of adults around him or her is to help them notice what options he or she has. Not to force. They will be more independent later because they have responsibility for their own decision, even though it is to be normal.


On the other hand, there is the other view that they should have some ambition due to their self-development. No goal, no gain. It is a common sense that we can develop ourselves more efficiently when we have a strong desire to achieve a specific goal. For example, according to research by Indiana University in the US, it turned out that the students who had written their goals on the paper, which is called ‘the visualisation process’, actually achieved them more easily than those not. It is clear that ambition can enable them to try hard to have a better life.


In conclusion, I believe that the ambitious attitude is necessary for the young because it can be a drive for them to make efforts for their better life. Admittedly, it can be stressful sometimes, but most times youth does not understand how difficult life can be. So, they should be prepared as much as possible helped by ambition.


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Most parents want their children to do well in life and so it is understandable that they expect them to be ambitious. A lot of parents who don’t have much money and are not at the higher levels of society want their children to do better in life than they did, to have opportunities that they did not have, to have better jobs than they had and to have money to buy things that they could not buy. It is natural for them to think in this way, and therefore it is hard for them to accept it if their children do not have big things in life that they want to achieve.


However, not everyone can be successful in life. Not everyone is clever enough to get a highly-paid job and not everyone is capable of achieving what their parents would regard as success. Some young people would rather be happy and live a relaxed life than spend all their time trying to achieve ambitious that they might not be able to achieve anyway. And lots of people don’t feel find anything that they desperately want to achieve. They are happy to get ordinary jobs, earn a living and enjoy themselves with their friends and family.


In my opinion, it is understandable that a lot of parents want their children to be ambitious, but it is also natural that not all young people are ambitious. Your youth is a time for enjoying yourself, and there is no reason why everyone should have big goals in life. There are more important things.


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