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기출예상: 8월 – 10월



-What skills should children learn before school?

-What is the difference between the roles of teachers and parents in education?

-How do adults learn a new skill?

-Is internet good for learning new skills?


2.Indoor game

-What indoor games do children like to play nowadays?

-What’s the difference between the games children play now and those in the past?

-Can children benefit from playing computer games?

-What’s the difference between boys’ and girls’ games?



-What qualities do you think a good teacher should have?

-who do you think can learn better? Old people or youngsters?

-What do you think is the best age for children to go to school?

-Do you prefer to study by yourself or with your friends?



-What kinds of products do young people think are useful but old people may not?

-Do you think product instructions are useful for users to use products better?

-What do you usually do if you don’t know how to use the things you have bought?

-Do you think it is necessary to produce many new products nowadays?



-Where do people in your country like to live, in a house or an apartment ?

-What are the benefits of living in a house?

-Why do many people like to live in the city?

-Where do people like to live, in the city center or the suburbs?



-Should kids know more about stars and planets?

-Is high technology helpful for star watching?

-What kinds of people are interested in stars?

-Why do some people like to watch movies about stars or planets?



-What do men like to talk about? How about women?

-What is the difference between face-to-face communication and phone calls?

-Why are some people nervous when making a presentation?

-Is it appropriate to make some jokes during a presentation?



-Who is the head of the family in your culture?

-Are men better at decision making in a family?

-Do you think this trend will change in the furture?

(the trend: more men are leaders than women.)

-Should a leader discuss with team members when making decisions?


9.Family member

-What can children help parents with?

-What are the benefits of children helping their parents?

-Should parents reward their children when they help others?

-Should parents help children because they need their children to help them when they are old?



-Why should students wear school uniforms?

-On what occasion should people wear uniforms?

-Should companies ask for employees’ opinions about the design of uniforms?

-Can people tell a person’s personality by his/her clothes?



-What skills are important for the success of business?

-What is the difference between required skills in the past and those at present?

-What kinds of skills should successful people have?

-Do you think teamwork and communicative skills are important?


12.place to read and write

-Which is more important, reading or writing?

-Who needs to have good writing skills?

-Where can people get more information from, words or pictures?

-At what age should children start to read?


-13.Car journey

-What will cars be like in the future?

-What’ s the difference between men and women’s preference on cars?

-What are the differences between bicycles and private cars?

-Why do people like to have private cars?



-Which one do you think is more important, individual development or teams’ goals?

-Do you think it is a good thing to have disagreements within a team?

-Do you think it is good for kids to join a team?

-How to become a good member of a team in the workplace.


15.Old people

-What qualities does a person need to take care of old people?

-Do you think that old people should be taken care of at home?

-How can people in the neighborhood help the elderly during the epidemic?

-Do you see this kind of help in your neighborhood?


16. Apology

-On what occasion do people usually apologize to others?

-Do people in your country like to say ‘sorry’?

-Do you think people should apologize for anything wrong they do?

-Why do some people refuse to say ‘sorry’ to others?



-Is music useful in advertising?

-Do people usually buy stuff after watching advertisements?

-Why do some people hate advertisements?

-What are the advantages of  TV advertisements? How about internet advertisements?


18.Special thing

-What are the pros and cons of taking professional cameras when travelling?

-Is it good that the  locals sell things to tourists?

-Why do people like to take photos when travelling?

-What souvenirs would people buy form tourist attractions?


19.Delayed journey

-Do people still drive a car if public transportation is free of charge?

-How can transportation in rural ares be developed?

-How do people usually go travelling?

-In what ways can traffic condition in a city be improved?


20.Change in the local area

-Why are people living in community friendly with others?

-What are popular activities in community?

-Do you people like living in community?

-Where do people in community usually have social gathering?


21.Risk with a positive result

-Why do some people enjoy extreme sports?

-Are action films popular in your country?

-Do you think it is a good thing that a leader likes taking risks?

-Do you think men and women would make a different choice about risk-taking? What about the young and the old?


22.Application on the phone

-Which phone app is the most popular in your country?

-Do you think parents should limit the time that their children spend on the phone?

-Do you think people depend on phone apps too much?

-Do you think some apps will help people to  study?



-How do you like taking care of animals?

-Do you think it is safe for animals to live in the cities?

-What problems will keeping pets bring?

-How are pets now different from those in the past?


24.Volunteering experience

-What personalities and qualities are required for being a volunteer?

-How can companies engaging in volunteering help our society?

-Do you think people nowadays should participate more in volunteering?

-How do modern technologies assist volunteers and volunteering experiences?



-Do you think parents should give kids challenges?

-What challenges do you think children might have to face up to?

-What is the most challenging thing for kid?

-Can parents reduce the challenges that kids have?


26.Journey by public transport

-Why do people choose to travel by public transport?

-What are the disadvantages of travelling by public transport?

-Do you think offering free public transport will solve traffic problems in the city?

-Why do more and more people like to travel by plane?



-What can we learn from our mistakes?

-Do children make mistakes easily?

-What should parents do if their children make mistakes?



-Should parents help their kids in their homework?

-What kind of advice should parents give to their children?

-Should parents give children advice?

-Can kid provide any help to parents?



-How do students relax themselves?

-What activities do employers organise to help employees relax?

-Do people nowadays have more ways to relax than in the past?

-DO you think natural sceneries are more helpful than indoor activites?



-Do you think  traditional letters are a good way to send messages?

-Why do people make phone calls instead of sending messages when there is something important?

-Is it more polite to make phone calls than send text messages?

-Does technological development have a negative impact on communication among people?


31.Celebrating an achievement

-How do people in your country celebrate their family events? Is there anything different from other countries?

-Why is it important for sports fans to celebrate when their favorite team wins?

-Do people prefer winning in a team or on their own?

-How are birthday celebrations different between the young and the old?



-What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking photos with smartphones?

-Do you think photographers are artists?

-What are the benefits of learning painting for children?

-Can anyone become a famous artist through hard work?


33. Family

-What are the values of family in your country?

-How family bonding is necessary for happiness in life?

-What type of family do you like? Nuclear family or joint family(big family)?

-What responsibilities do parents have towards their children?



-Do people in your country set goals?

-Do people usually set long-term gals or short-terms ones?

-Why is setting goals important in the workplace?

-What is the difference between goals set by old people and young people?



-What are the differences between a big company and a small company?

-Are there any big companies in your hometown?

-What are the advantages of working in a big company?

-Is it difficult to get a promotion in a large company?



-How do people usually choose gifts?

-Why do some people find it hard to choose gifts?

-Do you think practical gifts are always better than other ones like cards and flowers?

-Do people give the same gifts as they did in the past?



-Is it important to have a daily plan?

-What kind of things do people need to plan carefully?

-Is there anything that cannot be planned?

-Do you  think it is important to have a work life balance?


38.Crowded place

-Do people like to go to crowded places?

-How can the problem of traffic congestion be solved?

-Why do people still like to live in big cities even though there are severe traffic jams?

-What public facilities does your city here?


39. Foreign culture

-What do you think is the best way to learn foreign culture?

-What do you think is the biggest problem to work in a foreign country?

-Some people say that reading is the best way to know about a culture. Do you agree?



-What kind of job do young people prefer?

-Which do you prefer, physical work or mental work?

-What factors should people take into consideration when choosing jobs?

-Do people nowadays like to leave their hometown to work in other cities?


41.Difficult things

-Do you think parents should challenges to children?

-What is the most challenging thing for kids?

-Can parents reduce the challenges kids have? How?

-What challenges do you think children might have to face up to?


42.People in the news

-What kind of people do you usually see in the news?

-Are stories about celebrities in the news always true?

-Is news often about famous people?

-Could superstar bring positive influence to the public?


43.Best clothes

-Do you think people need to wear formally in workplaces?

-Why do some people like to wear traditional clothes?

-Will traditional clothes disappear in the future?

-Do old people change their style of dressing?



-What’s the difference between watching performance live and watching it on TV?

-Which do you prefer? Traditional performance or concert?

-Should government provide financial support to promote traditional performance?

-Is learning drama or dancing helpful for children?



-How do advertisements influence children?

-Should advertising aimed at kids be prohibited?

-Do you think parents should buy more toys for their kids or spend more time with them?

-What’s the difference between the toys kids play now and those they played in the past?


46.Mobile phone

-Do you think it is necessary to have laws on the use of mobile phones?

-How do you like children having mobile phones?

-At what age should children have mobile phones?

-Are people politer now than in the past?


47.Health articles

-What can governments do to improve people’s health?

-What activities can school organise for children to keep fit?

-How can you tell whether a website is reliable or not?

-Do you think people are healthier now than in the past?



-Is colour important for clothing?

-Should coursebooks be colourful?

-What colour do you think people would choose when decorating their houses?

-Do you think the colour of a company’s uniform represents the image of the company?



-What personal events do people usually celebrate?

-How do people celebrate their personal events?

-How much time do people need to prepare for celebrations?

-Do you think it is necessary to spend some money on celebrations?


50.Good at the job

-How should young people perform on the first jobs?

-How can people improve their job performance?

-What skill set should a manger have?

-Do you think what you have learned in university is going to help in your future job?



-Why do people like to have food on special occasion?

-What’s the difference between eating at home and eating out on special occasions?

-What national identity can be seen in a nation’ s culinary?

-Why do global leaders like to gather around for dinner?



-What kind of film is popular?

-What kind of film do young people like to eatch?

-Do fewer people choose to watch movies in cinema than people did in the past?

-Do you think cinemas will disappear in the future?



-Are modern people happier than those living in the past?

-Who do you like to have celebrations with friends or family?

-Can money make people happy?

-Why are some people unhappy nowadays?


54.Local products

-Why do people use imported products?

-Do different places have their own popular products?

-What food is popular throughout the world?

-Why do people living in different regions like different food?



-Does weather have any impact on people’s daily activites?

-Why do people do different kinds of sports in different weather?

-What kind of weather do people in your country like?

-Do people in your country talk about weather when they meet for the first time?



-Do you think mutual trust between friends is important?

-Do you think people need to tell the truth all the time?

-Why do children tell lies?

-What should parents do if their children tell lies?


57.Got something back

-Why do people lose their things?

-What kinds of things  do people usually lose?

-What can people do to find things they’ve lost?

-What can people do to avoid losing their stuff?


58.Small company

-Which do you prefer, family firms or non-family ones?

-What are important factors in making a company successful?

-What kinds of qualities should a successful businessperson have?


59. Do people spend too much money on their birthday parties or weddings?

-How much do you think people should spend on their birthday parties or weddings?

-Which is the better way to retain memories, by videos or photos?

-How can forgetful people remember things better?



-What are the benefits of younger and older generations living together? How about the drawbacks?

-Which do you prefer, support from family members or friends?

-How many generations do each family have?

-Is it important to  visit family members? Why?


61.Sleepy time

-On what occasions do people need to keep awake when they feel tired?

-How do people keep awake when they are tired?

-Why do people feel tired a lot nowdays?

-What kind of people lack sleep?



-Why do people get bored?

-Why are people less interested in reading books nowadays?

-Why do some people choose boring jobs?

-Are all the boring jobs going to be done by robots in the future?


63.Travel by plane

-What are the advantages of travelling by plane?

-Why do some people prefer to travel by train?

-What are the disadvantages of living near an airport?

-How is working at the airport different from working in other places?



-Is there someone with good ideas that has changed many people’s lives?

-When do children begin to have their own ideas?

-What are the advantages and disadvantages of setting rules for children?

-Why are there more and more differences between children and their parents?



-What kinds of things do people borrow from each other?

-What are the things that people don’t choose to lend to others?

-What do you think of copying ideas from others?

-Do we always need to get permissions from others before using something they have?



-Where do people in your country usually eat? At restaurants or at home?

-Do you think it is possible that everyone will eat at restaurants instead of at home in the future?

-What are the advantages and disadvantages of eating at restaurants?

-Why do more and more people like to eat at restaurants rather than at home?


67.Indoor game

-What indoor games do children like to play nowadays?

-What qualities should a team leader have?

-Is teamwork important to individuals?

-What do you think of people spending too much time playing computer games?


68.Leisure activities

-What leisure activities are popular in your country?

-What leisure activities do young people like?

-Do leisure activities have to be educational?

-Do men and women like different leisure activities?


69.Giving information

-How can people check whether a piece of information is correct or not?

-What’s the difference between giving information by phone and by email?

-What kinds of professions are related to giving information to others?

-Do people trust the information online?



-Which is more important? Preserving old buildings or building new ones?

-What kinds of public buildings do people like to visit in your country?

-What is the most important to a public building? Design, location or facilities?

-Do you think the appearance of a building is important?



-Why do so many young people choose communication and media studies as their major?

-Why do young people find it hard to make career choices?

-What can affect the career choices of young people?

-Can people have free choices of their jobs?



-Do you think it’s strange to make friends online?

-Why do some people have few friends?

-Which is more important, new friendships or old ones?

-How do companies welcome their new employees?


73.Giving advice

-What kinds of advice do parents give to their children?

-Whose advice is more helpful? Parents’ or friends’?

-What advice do parents give to teenagers about making friends?

-How do experts give advice to others?



-What’s the difference between current teachers and those in the past?

-What’s the difference between being taught by teachers and by AI?

-What’s the difference between private schools and public schools?

-What’s the difference between international schools and other schools?





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