Writing Master Project_6.5+아이엘츠 샘플 답안3_최경훈 선생님_환경문제 토픽

오늘은 특히 아이엘츠에 자주 출제되는  환경관련 문제에 대한 답안입니다.

Some people think that instead of preventing climate change, we need to find a way to live with it. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Climate change has been generally considered the most significant and also urgent problem on Earth. However, a few have a skeptical viewpoint on the prevention of this disaster, arguing that it is better to find how to deal with it. In this essay, I will explain why I totally disagree with this statement.

Proponents of this skepticism point out that it takes too much time and money. In general, the prevention of climate change requires a huge amount of global cooperation which is extremely difficult to be achieved in a short time due to its non-enforceable trait on international issues. If possible, we need trillions of dollars for research and development to prevent the consequence. As an example, it is almost impossible to reduce the amount of fossil fuel consumption over the world without tremendous funding.

Nonetheless, there are still some ways to precautiously deal with this problem. The main causes of climate change are extreme fossil fuel burning and lack of forests to offset it. If individuals can whole-heartedly contribute to this reduction of consumption, mainly less use of cars, there will be a significant change in the greenhouse emission. Moreover, the technological approach has enabled us to use more electronic cars and protect and revive more forests by inventing agricultural methods in vertical buildings, which use less land.

In conclusion, granted it takes much effort to prevent climate change in aspects of practicality, but I believe that it doesn’t mean there is nothing to do for a better future. Hopefully, encouraging personals and using technology will be able to stop severe disasters in the future.



2021년 12월 25일

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